AccuAccount 22 Release: Here’s What to Expect

We’re excited to announce availability for AccuAccount 22.0.0 (aka “AccuAccount 22”).

In addition to multiple enhancements and fixes, AccuAccount 22 is a big deal for users of accuimg, which can now be launched from AccuAccount in any browser.

Let’s take a closer look at what to expect from AccuAccount 22.

What is accuimg?

Not every document is ready to drag and drop into AccuAccount. In fact, many—if not most—of your bank’s documents will require several “touches” before being saved to their final destinations. Some documents arrive in a stack of paper that contains additional customer-specific information. Others are uploaded to a secure portal but require slight edits, such as reordering or reorienting pages. Still others are received through the mail and then need to be scanned and individually added to the customer’s electronic record.

Situations like these are why accuimg exists. Bankers need a flexible desktop scanning and imaging tool that can handle almost any type of document. With accuimg, bankers don’t need to rely on third-party PDF editing software to prep their documents for AccuAccount. And, even better, accuimg connects to AccuAccount. So, when you’re done prepping or modifying your documents, it just takes a few clicks to save them to the right location.

AccuAccount 22 Makes accuimg Even More Powerful

The release of AccuAccount 22 makes accuimg even easier to use. For starters, accuimg can now be launched from both the AccuAccount customer page and document thumbnail view (from any web browser).

We’ve also upgraded accuimg (officially called accuimg v2.0.0) to include more features and functionality. Here’s a quick recap of what’s possible with accuimg:

Easily Initiate a Scan or Start a New File from AccuAccount: accuimg provides intuitive options to scan in missing documents or start new files. Just point and click from AccuAccount to launch accuimg and get the job done.

Modify Documents or Add New Pages: Click the pencil icon next to an existing document in AccuAccount to begin editing in accuimg. The scan option automatically begins scanning new pages and adds them to the end of the existing document. You can also modify individual pages (annotate, flip horizontal, rotate pages, etc.) and even update document details, such as titles, comments, and expiration dates. Document thumbnails and a variety of editing and viewing tools make life easier for documentation specialists.

Drag and Drop to Your Heart’s Content: We know that bankers love to drag and drop. With accuimg, you can drag and drop to reorder pages in a document, move pages to different documents, and even move documents from accuimg to AccuAccount.

Scan Individual or Batch Documents: Load one-off or batches of documents into your scanner and use accuimg to scan and prep the files for uploading to AccuAccount.

Learn More about AccuAccount 22

Existing customers can release notes for AccuAccount 22.

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