AccuAccount: #1 Rated Loan System by CBANC Network

Are you searching for an innovative and effective loan management system?

Alogent is pleased to announce that its flagship product, AccuAccount, outperforms the competition in every loan platform category tracked by CBANC Network.

We’re Rated #1 by Bankers in the CBANC Community!

According to data compiled by the CBANC Network, AccuAccount (formerly known as AccuLoan) performed higher than other loan management software in every review category.

The CBANC Network is an online community where bankers share information and leave reviews for various products, which means that this data comes directly from the bankers who are using the software every day.

*Image and information courtesy of the CBANC Network, 2013. All rights reserved.

We are especially proud of the following facts:

  • Customer Support: Customers were especially pleased with our support. One banker said, “Technicians are extremely knowledgeable about their product and have always been able to easily resolve issues we bring to them. Support we receive for this product is excellent!”
  • Full Featured: AccuAccount offers a number of features that are not available from competitors. Learn more about AccuAccount here.
  • Buy Again: A large percentage of customers noted that they would purchase AccuAccount again.
  • Overall: AccuAccount performed very well in each category, edging out the competition in every way.

Summing it all up, one banker noted on the CBANC site, “Based on our research, this product is the Cadillac of document imaging/exception tracking systems. For our purposes, it is reliable, easy to navigate, and has all the bells and whistles our lenders could hope for.”

AccuAccount was designed to streamline the management of loan documents for financial institutions. The software offers imaging, tracking, and management within a single system, allowing for efficient management of loans, deposits, and trust account information.

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