Electronic Document Imaging Application

AccuPrint saves you the time and frustration of manually importing files into AccuAccount. Simply drag and drop or print from any screen directly into the platform. Banks and credit unions commonly use AccuPrint to instantly import the following file types:

  • Emails
  • Credit Analysis Reports
  • Customer and Member Files
  • Receipts and Expense Reports
  • Trust Files
  • Deposit Files

Streamlined Management of Electronic Files

AccuPrint is a great application for banks and credit unions looking to streamline workflow by reducing administrative efforts. Simply click “print” and select the AccuPrint module from your print menu, or drag and drop items saved on your desktop into AccuPrint. Instantly, your document is imported into AccuAccount, bypassing the need to print files that are already in electronic format. Instead, keep them as digital files and import them directly into your document management system. Save time, labor, and administrative costs.

Intuitive for End Users

Once installed, an AccuPrint icon will appear on the user’s desktop. The AccuPrinter will also appear in the list of available printers when selecting “Print” from the “File” menu of an application. Select the AccuPrinter and then click “Print” to launch AccuPrint. This action will upload the document in TIFF or PDF format, depending on the user's output format setting.

Drag and Drop for Speedier Imports

Using the drag and drop feature, individual documents (or an entire file of documents) can be moved over the AccuPrint icon to be uploaded. Documents uploaded to AccuAccount using the drag and drop feature will retain their original file formats, such as a spreadsheet or PDF file.