Don't Let Imaging
Slow Down Your Lending

Document imaging software should accelerate lending—not slow it down. AccuAccount is built for lenders like you.

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Document Management System for Lenders:
Accelerate your loans and renewals by having all of your documents in one place—and at your fingertips.

Easily search for and find each account holder’s financials, credit presentations, tax returns, applications, and collaterals. Stop asking for the same document twice.

Streamline Loan Approvals



Electronic loan file

Electronic Loan File:
Delight your customers and members by providing quick answers and better service.

Stop hunting through paper file folders and internal document drives. Gain immediate access to account holder documents in an electronic format that looks like a traditional loan file.

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Exception Automation

Exception Automation:
Eliminate exception management headaches from your life.

Get daily exception reports sent straight to your inbox each morning. Free up more time for yourself and your loan admin by automatically clearing exceptions as documents are imaged into the system. Put your exception management workflow on autopilot.

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Customizable Dashboards

Customizable Dashboards:
Quickly access your pipeline, customers, and accounts with customizable dashboards and reports.

Stay organized with dashboards that provide at-a-glance access to your top customers, largest loan portfolios, tasks, and needed documentation. Drag and drop data fields to build custom reports in seconds.

Loan approval workflows

Loan Approval Workflows: 
Route, approve, and renew your loans with ease.

Build a scalable approval workflow for each loan type. Electronically route and approve loan applications and renewals. Simplify the renewal process for repeat customers by centralizing the management of your credit documents.

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Dynamic reporting

Dynamic Reporting:
Know your customers with a 360-degree view of their relationships and accounts

Built-in document tracking maximizes the impact of your imaging workflow. Exceptions automatically clear as new documents are scanned in or uploaded into AccuAccount. Trigger new exceptions automatically based on the customer or account type. Data-driven exception reports and email alerts keep everyone informed.

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Improve Your Lending Process with AccuAccount

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AccuAccount frees up more of your time to focus on lending. All of your customer, member, and account-related documents are stored securely in an easy-to-use electronic system. Exceptions clear automatically as new documents are uploaded. Reports appear in your inbox each morning. Learn more about how AccuAccount can simplify your days.


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Yes. AccuAccount has a way to view all the entities on one customer or member page. You can easily switch to view documents or customize the document structure to view all the credit documents tied to an entity.

Yes. Lenders can build and customize reports to show them all of the loans in their portfolio with balances $500,000 and up.

Yes. AccuAccount allows you to view as many documents as the user would like.

Yes. Your loan assistant can receive emailed reports at the same time the lenders get their reports.

Yes. AccuAccount receives data directly from the core that will keep AccuAccount contact information up to date.

Yes. All of your customers' and members' documents are available to use for new applications as well as loan renewals. AccuAccount has a module that will help you start a new loan application completely paperless called AccuApproval.

Yes, AccuAccount is for lending teams at both banks and credit unions.


See an on-demand demo of AccuAccount. Learn how our software integrates to 30+ core systems and loan origination systems, streamlines imaging, and automates exception tracking and audit preparation for 15,000+ bankers.


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