eBook: FASTdocs: Automated, Intelligent Business Processes for Full- and Self-Service Channels

Aging infrastructure and paper-heavy, manual labor is often the biggest obstacle hindering a bank's or credit union's progress, forcing employees to complete the manual data keying, document identification, classification, and indexing across the institution. Combined with growing volumes of structured and unstructured data from varying sources, it's often a struggle to make this information accessible, searchable and reportable. Without the proper tools, valuable data sits idle, where it cannot be leveraged to enhance customer or member services or improve products and processes.

True innovation resides within an ECM / EIM system that affords financial institutions, their staff, and leadership greater flexibility and freedom to tailor sophisticated workflows that match the institution’s unique needs, maximizing enterprise-wide accessibility to data and ROI. By leveraging intelligent capabilities, banks and credit unions benefit from more than just document or content management, including automatic routing and data extraction - making all types of information accessible, reportable, and indexable - optimizing business processes and garnering powerful efficiency.