Capture Everywhere

Consumers and business owners demand self-service.  

Outside the branch, this means anytime/anywhere access—a full range of online, mobile, kiosk-based channels. For credit unions, capture right at the point of presentment also saves money and avoids fraud. Alogent has all the options to make it happen. 

Omni-Channel User Experience

Compelling member service means providing the same user experience across all deposit channels. Self-service is inherently efficient and convenient. Make sure it also ensures fast funds availability, and make it error-proof for less active users with Mitek MiSnap™. Alogent’s flexible mobile and core integration ability makes RDC options easy to implement. Ensure that your credit union's strategy encompasses all remote capture points:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop Merchant
  • Image-enabled ATM
Remote deposit capture vendor

Lower Operating Costs

Savings grow as remote deposit thrives. Integrated capture points detect and prevent fraud in real-time. They allow customized eligibility and deposit limits and business rules, and automate member notifications. Employee time is recaptured by reducing branch traffic for routine tasks and ATM servicing. Alogent solutions include powerful deposit aggregation for full Day 1/Day 2 processing.

Enhanced Service Coverage

Members seldom need to visit a branch when you give them 24/7 access. To manage it all, you need real-time transmission to ensure earliest clearing. Alogent solutions add optional continuous posting to keep member balances continuously updated.

Reach Consumers & Businesses

Mobile deposit is the gold standard for consumer mobile banking, and a new favorite for small businesses. Mid-size and larger businesses need the added features of desktop (web-based) capture, with quick deployment, affordable multiple scanner options, and multiple location support. Alogent’s integrated capture solutions manage it all with ease and provide fast, flexible reporting.

Full Range of RDC Solutions

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture
Mobile Capture
Merchant Capture
Desktop Merchant Capture
ATM Capture
Image-enabled ATM Capture

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Altra Federal Credit Union: Mobile RDC

Mary Isaacs Altra FCU

We’re pleased with the mobile RDC ease of use for members and the ease of administration for us. The number of steps required to complete a deposit is minimal, and the system allows for deposit limit flexibility so we can customize to reach as many members as possible. We currently have over 9,000 active users and process over 15,000 deposits per month through the mobile channel. Members also love the new MiSnap technology. It greatly reduces the rejection rate and improves the experience.

Mary Isaacs
Altra Federal Credit Union

Y-12 Federal Credit Union: QwikDeposit ToGo

Y-12 FCU

Members and staff at all our branches applaud this simplification and enhancement of our mobile channel. Real-time posting means we review items significantly faster, so members get access to their funds days sooner—often instantaneously, depending on the limits we set.

Todd Richardson
Senior VP and CTO
Y-12 Federal Credit Union

Wepawaug-Flagg FCU: QwikDeposit ToGo

Wepawaug-Flagg FCU

Here at WFFCU, our members’ experience is our priority. When members have a comfortable, easy and efficient check deposit experience, we know they will keep using it. We also understand how often technology is the key to a prospect’s decision to join our credit union. We’ve been focusing on the mobile channel and how to prevent losses all around. We vetted several vendors before choosing QwikDeposit ToGo, which best meets our security requirements. It’s robust, yet agile enough to meet our current—and future—members’ expectations for convenience and usability.

Michael Hinchey
Wepawaug-Flagg Federal Credit Union