Bridging the Gap: Strong Partnerships Lay the Foundation for Long-Term Success

Bridging the Banking Gap: Strong Partnerships Lay the Foundation for Long-Term Success

It’s no secret banks and credit unions must find new ways to acquire and more importantly, retain their customers and members by adopting modern, innovative solutions to survive and thrive in today’s dynamic banking landscape. At Alogent, we know what it takes to modernize banking ecosystems with practical innovation that fits smoothly into your environment. 

We’ll walk alongside you to apply our deep expertise and data-driven insights needed for today and the future. Read on to learn more about what makes Alogent unique, and why we believe a strong partnership is key to our clients' successes, whether focused on account growth, efficiency, cost reduction, service levels or operational resilience.

From Discovery to Go-Live: Synergy Starts Here 
Everything we do relies on delivering simple, seamless, and secure experiences to advance the way you interact with your customers and members. We understand that one size never fits all, which is why we approach each prospective client, partner, and project from a consultative standpoint. 

Since integrating innovative banking solutions requires a strong synergy between financial institutions and their solution providers, we’re with our clients every step of the way to ensure seamless deployment and continuous innovation. Our solutions were built to integrate with your core and specialized systems and are proven quick to implement and deploy - from capturing and digitizing transaction data like checks and loan documents, to automating entire transaction workflows. 

Backed by Dedicated R&D, Project & Support Teams
Through dedicated one-on-one meetings, the Alogent team is committed to understanding unique project requirements, metrics for success, timelines, budgets and more. From implementation to training to ongoing performance reviews and maintenance, our team:

  • Focuses on enhancing the user journey by leveraging and optimizing efficiency through streamlined deposits and engagements across all channels.
  • Innovates behind-the-scenes deliverables for the FI team, such as access to enterprise-wide data, configurable admin consoles, the ability to customize business rules, and more.
  • Defines and scopes each and every step of our plan in consultative meetings for a full-spectrum, comprehensive project roadmap.

Alogent’s Unique Approach to Market: Agile and Focused on Continuous Innovation
Bringing advanced capabilities to financial institutions means maintaining an agile approach that focuses on continuous innovation and the ability to quickly respond to new changes constantly reshaping the landscape. That said, extensive research goes into the development and design of user interfaces across our line of solutions that are carefully engineered for reliable, consistent experiences across every touchpoint. 

  • Alogent combines our expertise and our robust technology platforms to tailor solutions to any banking environment.
  • Whether a community location or high-volume international bank, Alogent renders a comprehensive, all-inclusive consultative approach to deliver the right size and feature set. 
  • Our solutions are designed to scale for unprecedented growth potential, meaning your FI cannot outgrow them.

Think of Us as Your Personal Success Team
Our product range is comprehensive, our pedigree is long, and our expertise is deeper and more diverse than ever. By saving time and money and increasing personalized, meaningful interactions across the bank or credit union, success with Alogent starts at your first consultative meeting. 

  • Over 2,400 institutions turn to Alogent to keep their competitive edge and satisfy ever-changing demands. 
  • More than 90% of our clients renew year over year and give Alogent consistently high marks for continuous upgrades, scalable/customizable solutions, reliability/uptime, secure performance, and unsurpassed ongoing support. 
  • We support more than 170,000 front counter seats, 143,000 ATMs and ITMs, more than 320 million mobile transactions, and more than 4 million digital banking users – all with consistent attention to user experience, efficiency and fraud-loss prevention. 

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