Remote Roadshow Recap: Drive Engagement and Cross-Sell using Big Tech Strategies like AI, Predictive Analytics and Data-Powered Tools

Remote Roadshow Recap: Drive Digital Banking Engagement and Cross-Sell using Big Tech Strategies like AI, Predictive Analytics and Data-Powered Tools

3 Key Takeaways from the Alogent Remote Roadshow with DeepTarget

Last week we partnered with DeepTarget in part 2 of our roadshow series: Now that you’ve earned trust, drive digital engagement and cross-sell. Alogent’s VP of Product Management, Aditya Chilukuri, and DeepTarget’s CTO and EVP, Ignacio Guerrero, shared ways to leverage Alogent’s digital banking platform, NXT, with DeepTarget’s 3D StoryTeller, to seamlessly deliver targeted, personalized, digital marketing campaigns that leverage user behavior data and personalized financial stories. If you weren’t able to join us, below are 3 takeaways:

  1. Alogent and DeepTarget’s partnership enables banks and credit unions to leverage customized reports and dashboards that uncover specific user behaviors for more personalized actions.

    Through a seamless offering to banks and credit unions, Alogent’s consumer and business digital banking platform leverages DeepTarget’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to allow institutions to engage account holders throughout their connected digital ecosystem. These efforts include personalized messaging based on users’ own financial stories and actions, relating to their interests and needs. DeepTarget’s 3D StoryTeller seamlessly integrates with Alogent’s platform, making the solution easy to implement and manage from a single dashboard. The DXP can also use data from Alogent’s rich analytics and visualization platform, AWARE, for relevancy-at-scale engagements based on trends and user behavior.
  2. Analytics create actionable data, uncover trends, drive powerful decisions, and promote scalability and configuration.

    Drive engagement with AWARE. One of the most important elements of driving engagement is understanding user behavior. AWARE, Alogent's analytics, reporting and data visualization platform, aggregates data captured through all acquisition channels and consolidates, interprets and presents trends in a centralized dashboard. By delivering enterprise-wide data to users based on roles, otherwise idle information is actionable and becomes an FI’s greatest resource. This includes engagement behaviors like swipes, clicks, and actions/purchases, which are measured and reported to gain deeper behavioral insight that can be leveraged to drive user engagement and cross-sell.
  3. DeepTarget drives digital messaging to multiple platforms by leveraging AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.

    Working seamlessly as an integrated offering with NXT, DeepTarget's DXP is a multichannel application that delivers marketing campaigns and other messages to multiple customer-facing applications. Powered by AI and machine learning, the DXP identifies user patterns and behaviors to guide customers and members along their unique user journey. DeepTarget uses machine learning and historical campaign data to calculate a user’s propensity to convert after receiving a product offer. Users with the highest propensity to convert (accept a product offer) will be targeted with specific and relevant campaigns.

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