Paperless Operations with FASTdocs

The Most Exciting Services You’ve Never Been Able to Offer—Until Now

FASTdocs 6 puts the buzz back into ECM

Among all the whizz-bang things banks and credit unions talk about, it’s probably a safe bet that enterprise content management (ECM) is pretty well down the list.

Alogent is out to change that, starting today, with the launch of FASTdocs v.6.0.

It’s not that traditional ECM —aka “document imaging”—hasn’t been highly useful or generated solid savings by using centralized high-speed scanners to digitize paper efficiently. Or that the productivity gains from making stored information easier to retrieve aren’t important. Clearly, in the continuing quest to be paper-free, it’s essential.

But most legacy systems have some definite limitations—they either can’t handle all file types, or they don’t play well with your other technology, or they only handle a few functions, or they rely on outsourced providers. To name a few.

Advanced ECM solutions, like Alogent’s FASTdocs, have been going well beyond these basics for years:

  • Integrates with existing core processors, home and mobile banking platforms, email systems
  • Handles all formats and sources: paper, text, image, audio, video, third-party files
  • Interacts flexibly with customers in both directions
  • Creates fully-automated workflows from transactions to loans to employee expenses
  • Built specifically for the needs of financial institutions

That’s a bushel of benefits compared to most ECM solutions on the market, and it obviously improves on the semi-paper-based, semi-manual processes a lot of financial institutions use.

But the latest incarnation of FASTdocs sits right at the intersection of all your employees, your accountholders and your valuable information. From that intersection, it seamlessly integrates your work and your data, and everyone who needs to interact with it.

  1. Start anywhere, with a multi-functional file structure. No need to choose between a person-centric account-centric or collateral-centric keys—it does them all.
  2. Pull up a tree view of a specific customer, see all their accounts, refocus instantly on an account with joint accountholders, even zoom in to track collateral you’re holding.
  3. Then get access to all related information using a 360° search using a single universal search field.
  4. Need easy scalability, to handle anything most banks and credit unions can throw at it?
  5. And you can implement it either in-house or via the Alogent Cloud.

So now, you can start thinking up new services you could never offer before. Personalize more services. Create workflows and touchpoints with every corner of your institution and the outside world. Make ECM the cornerstone of your broader enterprise information management (EIM) strategy.

Say you’re on a call with a customer who needs a loan document not available through self-service. Instantly, you can drag and drop the information they need into a secure folder available through online or mobile banking.

Or say you want to collect renewed driver’s licenses on their expiration dates. Tell Workflow to send invitations to affected customers, who can then snap quick photos and drop them into special secure folders on their home banking portals for automatic uploading to the system.

No delays, no paper, full compliance. Boom.

This could get exciting!