Improving Data Availability with Enterprise Information Management: What’s New from the Product Management Team?

Improving Data Availability with Enterprise Information Management: What’s New from the Product Management Team?

With Alogent’s content and information management suite, FASTdocs, data availability starts from the top down, beginning with our best practices.  We make strategic product decisions intended to increase productivity within the financial institution and extend accessibility to the consumer through their preferred channel.  This enables self-service and full-service interactions that ensure data and information is available whenever an account holder needs.

Employing automation throughout the lifecycle of a document ensures a consistent procedure for handling information, eliminating manual errors, and improving the fidelity of data utilized by the financial institution and accessed by the consumer.  Customizable workflows power the user to make repetitive tasks less susceptible to user error.  Providing a structured yet customizable framework, FASTdocs can be tailored to the financial institutions’ unique needs.

In addition to managing the ways in which documents enter the ecosystem, we are improving techniques for data extraction and document classification, which will yield a more powerful solution and more tangible data for both the institution and the account holder.  By automatically identifying document types and extracting the corresponding data elements, Alogent is laying a key foundation to developing innovative solutions that make the data actionable.  The creation of visualization dashboards and business intelligence models also enable financial institutions to predict behaviors, adapt resources and ultimately provide service that is more efficient and powerful.

Lastly, enhancing data availability provides the presentation of data, trends, and marketing opportunities in the appropriate channel.  When utilized through the online or mobile banking platform, account holders have access to timely and reliable information.  When driven through a modern banking core system, the financial institutions knowledge worker gains access to data and trends that provide a more detailed approach to service and marketing.

FASTdocs is a powerful platform that yields tangible results and drives maximum efficiency with more personalized interactions and greater institutional loyalty. Gain a competitive edge with your institutional data with a software suite built specifically for you – the financial institution.