Flex for the UX. Staying Relevant in Today's Digital Era

Flex for the UX. Staying Relevant in Today's Digital Era

Responding to disruption and pressure in the digital era
Competitors and new products in the market are shaking things up. Increasingly, challenger banks and shiny apps steal the attention (and revenue) of valued customers. They want more customization and control in all channels while financial institutions (FIs) want effective engagements and services. How can banks and credit unions prepare and make dynamic data-driven decisions based on these unprecedented transformations and challenges while triumphantly facing off the forces before they take them down?

Digital transformation initiatives are not about technology – must be a surprising statement from a technology provider.

We at Alogent believe the answer lies in the perfect blend of simplicity and innovation. Memorable banking experiences are often on opposing sides of the spectrum: beyond expectations or a nightmare. In this competitive landscape, users have the freedom to switch providers to those that exceed their banking appetites. Simply adding new functionalities and becoming digitally better versions of yourself isn’t enough to convince today’s more educated, tech-savvy account holders. That’s why Alogent helps FIs compete and thrive by changing their overall mindset – how and where can we adopt modern tools and technologies to deepen relationships with easy-to-use functionality and emphasize innovation in the core?

Enabling technologies, such as cloud and AI-powered analytics, positions you to win in the digital economy. However, efficiency and cost reduction should not lose sight of creating integrated and intelligent customer and member experiences, whether through digital channels or the human touch in the branch. Products and services in the eyes of account holders can become indistinguishable, but the usefulness and emotional connection they have to your institution are critical drivers in their loyalty and referrals.  

You know your customers or members better than anyone. Industry maestros concert institutional and user data in unique ways to create value by allocating appropriate and differentiated investments for growth. You might be using all of the catchiest buzzwords and capabilities but if you are not executing on the needs and demands on your customer and member base, as well as your employees, the music will end. A perfect melody of strategic focus, digital investments, talents and thinking outside of the box will turn a traditional FI into a successful future-focused, digital-ready organization.

Flex for the UX
With 50 years of combined experience and all-out innovation, Alogent believes that bolstering digital channels through a single ecosystem differentiates players in the industry. This begins with a centralized and firm digital foundation where innovation occurs from the inside out. The focus is the user journey and the road is paved with ensuring that every feature that is available on a desktop is also available on a responsive browser (whether on a smartphone or tablet). 

That’s why the digital solutions Alogent offers are flexible and seamless so regardless of the channel used, no matter when or where, customers and members recognize your brand and feel a sense of comfort knowing you are secure, stable and constant by their side (in their pockets) throughout their lives. 

Staying digitally significant today and well into the future means identifying new opportunities, determining which ones to pursue, and acting on them based on organizational and customer needs. Once your FI evaluates and determines its aspirations and level of readiness in the digital transformation journey, Alogent will be there to enable its execution and success of your digital innovations effectiveness.