NXT: User Experience is Key

Consistency (and Flexibility!) Matters. Capitalize on what Customers Want, and Gain Loyalty and Adoption

“Consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles: when things always behave the same, users don’t have to worry about what will happen.” – Jakob Nielsen 

Online and mobile banking channels are standard today, but it takes more than that to compete for a customer's loyalty.  This has many buzzing with the term ‘user experience’ – but does this phrase really matter? In a word, yes. It’s why most of the largest banks now have dedicated teams for customer experience transformation, reports McKinsey. 
Consistency in banking is key, and a simple, easy to navigate user experience (UX) with a focus on the customer journey can truly differentiate one financial institution from the next. Users return to places they feel comfortable, and to efficient processes. From the moment a customer or member opens an app on a mobile device or computer, his journey begins -- but that doesn’t mean it will end there. Oftentimes, the same transaction will start on one device and finish on another. Having the same look, feel, and functionality across all channels enables the user to complete the transaction quickly and without having to learn a new interface, or even use a different device for a supported feature. By seamlessly bringing user information into full play in every interaction, you win. 

Importance of a consistent UX

  • Loyalty: a seamless user journey builds loyalty and makes for happy, repeat users. 
  • Simplicity: users can transact quicker through whichever channel(s) they prefer – and be sure that they’ll always achieve the same result.
  • Confidence: once learned, the same interaction validates a user’s familiarity the UI, ensuring future uses and repeat visits through that channel. 
  • Trust: customers and members want to know what to expect. Consistency across all channels reassures them that they can interact with your institution, however they choose.

Although consistency is king, Bank A’s UX may not be how Credit Union B wants to go to market. And that’s OK – we understand the need for flexibility and customization. It’s for this reason that NXT, our digital banking platform that’s built on a modern tech stack, boasts an open architecture with an array of open APIs, customization potential and the ability to deploy within virtually any bank or credit union.

Consistency doesn’t have to be an obstacle to innovation or success. We at Alogent believe it’s the opposite and instead fosters user loyalty and adoption. Future-proof your digital channels with a single platform that marries mobile, digital and voice banking.