The Definitive List of Bankers’ Banks

Thanks to community banks, consumers in the U.S. have an almost unparalleled number of options when deciding who they’re going to trust with their money: some 10,000 banks and credit unions are available on national and local levels. A good number of those 10,000 institutions are community banks, which are generally smaller companies that would not be able to offer the same services as their big bank counterparts if it weren’t for bankers’ banks.

A small bank looking for the appropriate bankers’ bank has options, too. In fact, there are only 12 bankers’ banks in the U.S., according to iBanknet. Here’s the ultimate list of those 12 banks in order of assets, from most to least.

TIB, The Independent BankersBank

TIB is the largest bankers’ bank in the country, serving as a trusted partner to community banks throughout the country. Almost one in three community banks in the U.S. depend on TIB for their services, with partner banks located in 49 states and Guam. TIB also offers the industry’s best De Novo Partnership Program.

TIB’s mission is to be of service to its partners, ensuring that partner banks can provide the best and necessary services to their customers from coast to coast. From card services to capital markets, lending and operational services, TIB’s top-tier offerings make it clear that being #1 is no accident.

First National Bankers’ Bank

First National Bankers’ Bank was founded in 1984 after 22 different local bankers brought together their interests to start a bank made for bankers. Three decades later, the FNBB serves over 600 community banks in 15 different states.

FNBB prides itself in keeping the human touch in its service while keeping up with new banking trends and practices. This includes a focus on what customers want from their banking experience, whether a smartphone application or making sure that community banks can deliver what the grassroots populations need in loans and support.

Bankers’ Bank

In their own words, Bankers’ Bank pledges to be always your partner—never your competitor. By providing the highest-quality products at competitive prices, Bankers’ Bank aims to enhance the community banking experience for small banks and their customers.

Specializing in correspondent banking products (like cash letter processing with automated cash management, secondary mortgage products, investment trading and many other services), Bankers’ Bank uses state-of-the-art technology and mass purchasing power to allow community banks to operate more efficiently while also taking advantage of cutting edge technology and services.

Atlantic Community Bankers Bank

Truly by and for community bankers, the ACBB is a banker’s bank not only owned by community bankers, but managed by them. It’s hard to imagine a better way to serve other community-based institutions. For client banks, this means genuine, efficient partnership—and never competition.

The ACBB serves more than 300 shareholder banks as well as non-shareholder banks, and is equipped with almost four decades of experience working with institutions big and small. With demonstrated conviction around the financial privilege consumers enjoy in the country with so many community banks, the ACBB focuses on helping those banks compete with the products consumers want as well as the information they deserve.

United Bankers Bank

United Bankers’ Bank became the nation’s first bankers’ bank in 1975 when new branching laws threatened to bring massive banks into the UBB’s founders’ hometowns, potentially driving unsupportable competition for both retail and commercial end customers. Banding together in an effort to give community banks the power and leverage they needed to compete with major systems banks, the UBB was born.

For over four decades, the UBB has kept true to that commitment to community banking, specializing in correspondent banking services, insurance solutions, bank stock loans, and a great number of other top-notch services.

Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bank

Founded in 1997 and based solely on bolstering community banks, the PCBB’s goal has always been to offer other bankers the highest-quality banking solutions and hands-on customer service possible, and at price points that make financial sense for community institutions.

Since its inception, community banks’ needs have extended beyond correspondent solutions, and so have PCBB’s services. PCBB now offers additional products including institutional fixed income, securities, and services for broker-dealers.

Bankers’ Bank of the West

Bankers’ Bank of the West was founded in 1980 with the intent of keeping community banking both relevant and strong in the face of competition, and it has kept that same mission ever since. The BBW offers high-quality products and services to hundreds of community banks in the western states and the Great Plains, as well as industry expertise.

Offering loans, consultation services, bank cards, and investments among other services, the BBW aims to boost their client banks’ bottom line through careful, expert service and experience.

The Bankers Bank

Chartered in 1985 and officially opened for business in 1986, The Bankers Bank was created for one sole purpose: “to provide the highest quality of correspondent services to community banks.” This goal has been achieved by having no majority shareholders, allowing the bank to offer their services at more competitive prices.

Serving banks is TBB’s specialty. More exactly, they specialize in debit cards, electronic cash letter exchanges, federal funds and cash management and lending, among many other services.

Midwest Independent Bank

Restoring the natural order of things within the small banking community is the name of the game for bankers’ banks. In particular, Midwest Independent Bank aims to provide community banks with the correspondent, lending and operational services they need with the personalized service nuances that mega banks don’t get.

Midwest Independent Bank understands that competing is one thing and thriving is another. If they don’t offer the service you need, they’ll find a trusted provider that does. The goal is to give your bank that competitive edge on every front.

The Bankers’ Bank of Kentucky

The Bankers’ Bank of Kentucky was chartered in 1988 and has since remained dedicated to providing personalized correspondent banking services to community banks. Competing in the modern market is no easy feat, but the BBKY can help your bank gain more ground by keeping your capital local—in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana—to make sure your community banking thrives.

With bank stock loans, Federal funds, deposit services and international services among many more, the BBKY is dedicated to provide community banks with the services and products that matter most.

Bankers’ Bank of Kansas

The founders of the Bankers’ Bank of Kansas held the following mission: “providing progressive solutions, quality partnerships and competitively priced correspondent banking services.” A strong commitment to this vision has led the BBOK from having 31 investing banks to nearly 200 shareholders today, now providing services to over 275 banks throughout the state of Kansas.

The BKOK staff is tenured and committed to making sure both your bank and your customers see the growth that they deserve. The BKOK staff regularly assesses and consults on diverse solutions suitable for each specific client bank, regardless of size.

Community Bankers’ Bank

Owned cooperatively by community banks and run by community bank executives, Community Bankers’ Bank strives to be the absolute best option for a correspondent bank within the Fifth Federal Reserve District.

With continuous development in resources and continuous innovation, CBB enables your bank to be more competitive, allowing you to better serve your community while also increasing your profits. From correspondent services to credit services, investment services, alliance partnerships and beyond, CBB is here to make sure your bank is providing the best possible service to your community.

These listings are strictly for informational purposes, and we do not endorse any of the banks listed. Did we miss any? Shoot us a note and let us know!

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