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One of the most striking things about the worldwide effects of COVID-19 is how much value we place on data and the desire to hear more of it.  There were so many unanswered questions leading up to the eventual lockdowns and social distancing that made it almost impossible not to stop and think about what was to come.  The only thing on people’s minds was self-survival at all cost.  A lot of data was being shared, but not once during the initial periods did that transform into usable information - if you visited your local grocery store or wholesale discount chain, you would have thought it was the start of the apocalypse.

Barbers and Hair Stylists
Now you may be thinking, ”what do barbers and hair stylists” have to do with technology and solving an industry problem as it relates to data and information? These professionals have historically been known as the first informal psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors and subject matter experts of everything!  There was no topic that these professionals seemed to side-step.  They knew it all!  Going to the barber shop was an experience above and beyond getting a haircut - it was about leaving that chair with newfound information.  That barber or stylist took data from multiple sources (magazines, tv, word of mouth, etc.) in varied formats and presented you with information and insights - plus a fresh new haircut or style, to boot!  

From “Powered by Data” to “Powered by Information”
Enterprise data are plain facts: raw, unstructured numbers and words that are gathered from all aspects of the organization through all processes.  Data can also relate to a myriad of things about an enterprise – products, target market, distribution of customers, sales wins, sales losses, number of employees, product profitability, average ROI, average contribution per employee, and so on. It is generated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be limitless in volume.  But of what value is data in its raw sense to your enterprise?  Can you look at a spreadsheet with hundreds or even thousands of columns and rows and immediately make a decision based on what you see?  

AWARE is the Barber/Stylist for your Enterprise

AWARE is the archival warehouse that ingests unstructured, varied, and vast amounts of data daily, stores it as-is, but also transforms the data into meaningful formats that everyone can understand.  Just like your barber or stylist, you don’t need a newspaper, magazine, tv news program or periodical to know what’s happening in your community because they know it all.  Better yet, they can deliver the information based on the clientele they serve.  How they present to Paul, a local businessman who is also a political representative, will be much different from how they present to Mary, the CEO of a multi-national corporation.  

AWARE is designed to be the system that provides complete information to you from unstructured, varied and large volume of data in a clear, applicable and concise manner.  All this to help you navigate the varied issues faced by your organization that may be generated fast and furiously. Talk about information at your fingertips! Once logged onto the portal, you will receive the information you need nearly immediately. Just as the barber or stylist gathered data from all sources, AWARE ingests data from your item processing, lending, digital, content/information management and other system and presents it concisely and cohesively in a meaningful form, specific to the needs of the requester.  

For those who go to a barber or stylist, we get that ‘aha’ moment quite often.  Sometimes that is what makes it an experience, and other times it’s because you receive a different perspective from someone you feel is unbiased, simply because you had a teachable moment.  AWARE provides that ‘aha’ moment daily to your employees across the enterprise.  The product cannot style your hair or give you the sharpest haircut, but it will certainly present you with tangible, usable information that drives business decisions at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime and in the complete format you need.

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