Seamlessly Integrate Your Customers, Your Employees, and Your Valuable Data

Invest in Alogent’s enterprise content management (ECM) suite of solutions and generate a rapid ROI from replacing paper and manual processes, multiplying customer interactions and engagement, and turning your information into business intelligence. FASTdocs is the cornerstone of your bank’s full enterprise information management strategy.

Builds A Strong Digital Ecosystem

Proven ECM technology that supports bank best practices. Browser-based for ease of maintenance and use, our FASTdocs solution suite digitizes any type of electronic, paper and transaction documents, from any source and in any format, and automates all your critical business processes.

  • Web-based, secure employee interface
  • Automated import of any paper-based or electronic content
  • Immediate, real-time, permissions-based access to your information wherever it’s needed
  • Powerful workflow builder and engine
  • Integration with online, mobile banking and email platforms for customer access

Covers Every Touchpoint

  • Automated batch importing with multi-tasking
  • Digitize and index any paper or electronic information, whether text, image, audio, or video, from any source, including third-party data
  • Upload and download information to your customers to create new services and sales opportunities
  • Scheduled and on-the-fly communications with complete versatility
Bank Paperless Operations

Turns Data Into Decisions

If your information resides in multiple formats and locations, you can’t handle your day-to-day workflows with optimum efficiency, and you can’t leverage your own meta-data to drive targeted marketing campaigns or sounder business investment decisions. Our ECM solutions pay off in routine productivity, and keep paying off in better use of resources.

Automates Any Business Process Workflow

Flexible, user-friendly way to construct sophisticated workflows that mimic the ways you already operate. Correlate internal and customer documents and processes. Automate processing and approvals across your institution, based on customizable permissions. Create workflows or build them on the fly, with easy to learn functionality.

Scalable, Versatile, and Alogent Cloud-Ready

  • Accommodates the way you work, with customer-centric, account-centric, and collateral-centric file keys.
  • Cross-navigate from wherever you start, using tree views to focus and refocus your views.
  • Find everything using laser-fast, single-field, universal 360° searches.
  • Browser-based, easy to learn and manage.
  • Deployable in-house or hosted via the Alogent Cloud
  • Scalable from a single activity or department, to automation across your enterprise, with virtually unlimited expandability.
Powerful Engine Creates a Digital Ecosystem
Document Management
Automated Import and Electronic Integration
Enterprise Workflows
Interact Directly with Customers