Leverage Your Data & Transform Volume into Value

Most financial institutions collect and store vast amounts of transactional information, but that raw data is often spread across various silos, difficult to manually index, and too cumbersome to draw conclusions quickly. AWARE’s analytics and reporting platform aggregates data captured through all acquisition channels and consolidates, interprets and presents trends in a centralized dashboard, turning otherwise idle information into your bank’s greatest resource. Click here to watch a video about AWARE.

Scalable and Configurable

AWARE is an analytics and reporting platform that supports the continuously evolving data needs of banks of all sizes.

  • Archived repository of check images and meta-data.
  • Deep item search abilities.
  • APIs for advanced retrieval functionalities.
  • Customizable dashboard for a complete organizational view.
  • Flexibility to integrate with external transaction streams.
Data-driven knowledge

Make Your Data Do the Work

Positioned at the crossroads of your check image acquisition channels, AWARE aggregates all incoming information into a single data stream, offering multi-channel reporting and a bottomless depth of potential knowledge. AWARE goes further still, combining data into a holistic view of the full organization, with the ability to drill down for very specific analyses.

Uncover Trends to Drive Powerful Decisions

Turn dense volumes of information into powerful visualizations that identify key trends and deliver valuable business insights. AWARE’s advanced analytics then build upon these data points to offer predictions that inform and enable users to make crucial decisions on their business.

Dynamic Configurability for the Entire Bank

Designed to work with popular data visualization tools, AWARE enables customizable dashboards. Executives and branch managers alike can quickly find up-to-date fraud statistics, deposit volumes by channel or location, performance analytics of acquisition devices, and other data points critical to the organization.