The Definitive List of Banker Blogs and Websites

The banking industry has always been ferociously competitive, and as thousands of banks in the U.S. endeavor to reach more customers while the number of institutions continues to drop, competition has inevitably grown.

As time has passed, that competition isn’t the only thing that’s grown. The needs of customers have also built up, and in ways that have revolutionized the industry. A competitive edge in banking today means having a handle on new trends from customer mindsets to innovative technologies. Banker blogs and websites have become a great source to stay in the loop with everything changing in the industry.

Here is our ultimate list of the bankers’ blogs and websites to do just that.

FinTech Futures

FinTech Futures is an online platform dedicated to the financial technology community around the world. Daily content and deep dives on new technology throughout the financial sector is bound to keep you in the loop, ensuring you never get left behind.

The website attracts a lot of traffic with nearly a million views every month and tens of thousands of newsletter subscribers. This makes FinTech Futures the leading resource in the sector, from tech buyers to sellers and integrators.

Bankers Online

Bankers Online (or “BOL”) is a website with a wealth of tools, resources, and helpful content for bankers. This free service was founded in 2000 and has since been recognized as a pioneer in the digital financial education sector.

We’re big fans of BOL, as you can see from our recent blog article devoted to it. We share content from BOL on a regular basis on social media, too, and are even listed as a sponsor on their website. For education around compliance, lending, operations, security and technology, look no further than BOL.

American Banker

To keep up with trends and developments across the spectrum, not just in tech, American Banker is an essential resource to check for news. A community of analysts, practitioners, and innovators produce regular content on a wide range of crucial banking topics.

From opinion content to research panels and social media, plus downloadable research and data, American Banker will keep you well informed on innovation and disruption, consumer trends, tech, regulation and reform.

ABA Banking Journal

The ABA Banking Journal is the American Bankers Association’s flagship magazine, which should leave no doubt that there is plenty of insider insight here for smarter competition and greater success within the banking industry.

From community banking to cybersecurity, HR, mortgage and so much more, a lengthy list of topics are covered by the Journal’s carefully crafted content. Like getting your fix of financial insight on the road? In the shower? Check out the weekly podcasts put together by the American Bankers Association’s award-winning podcast team.

Gonzo Banker

Gonzo Banker is a self-described “collection of observations, ruminations and predictions” around all-things banking. The website is a popular information resource with weekly dispatches of news, tools and tips for professionals at banks and credit unions, trade groups and analysts, and even the media.

Topics covered on Gonzo include everything from technology to strategy, not to mention plugs for vendors you’ll definitely want to know about. Aside from their weekly dispatch, they also have articles posted on their blog several times a week.

Bank Innovation

The Bank Innovation blog was among the first to recognize the industry-changing potential of technology together with financial services, and has been at the forefront of this digital frontier ever since. While the blog will keep you up to date on recent innovations, it also aims to promote new innovation and development by guiding professionals to get better results from their technologies.

Bank Innovation focuses heavily on artificial intelligence (AI) and the revolutionary roles it has and will play in the industry. This, of course, includes better and more efficient products and much more efficient customer service. In their own words, their goal is simple: “to make banking and innovation executives better.”

These are our picks for some of the best resources to keep up-to-date in the banking industry. We do not endorse any of these companies, and this listing is strictly informative.

Did we miss your favorite blog? Let us know!

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