Turning an IT Cost Center into an Income Center

Cabrillo CU Automates Document Imaging and Recaptures Resources to Serve Members

Cabrillo Credit Union is a role model for credit unions looking to recapture wasted employee time and redirect resources to serving members. They recently completed a 5-year strategic initiative to transform their information systems, including a core conversion, an electronic signature system, and replacement of a 10-year old document imaging system.

According to Cabrillo’s CTO, Frankie Dueñas, “Document imaging is as important to us as our core processor.”

But document imaging systems are more often seen by credit unions as cost centers, because most of them rely on obsolete technology and paper-based processes. As Cabrillo found out, innovations in document imaging and electronic signature can empower credit unions to improve their operations and member service levels. And they can significantly lower costs through enhanced workflows, automation, and system integration.

Cabrillo Credit Union, Bluepoint Solutions, and DocuSign come together in this webcast to review how Cabrillo has successfully met its business goals, including:

  • Creating a strategic plan that incorporates multiple information systems
  • Improving productivity through automated scanning, archiving and retrieval
  • Enhancing member satisfaction by leveraging electronic signature
  • Developing the right criteria for system selection
  • Avoiding common pitfalls when selecting new systems