Keys to Improving Teller Efficiency

Featuring FMSI

Best Practices in Switching from Transaction Focus to Building Relationships

Consumers today have multiple options for financial transactions. Depending on their provider, they can make deposits from their smartphones, transfer money via text message, get automated alerts when their account integrity is compromised, make deposits at an ATM, manage their finances on a tablet, open accounts online, and much more.

Self-service channels are among the top reasons why many of the largest banks in the country have been closing branches. And the expansion of self-service is speeding up as advanced hardware and infrastructure catches up to the promise of new services such as digital wallets.

In the last 20 years, teller transactions have decreased by 40%, while the cost of a teller transaction has increased by 119%. In this new reality, tellers are no longer transaction-processors but—at least potentially—relationship-builders.

In this webcast, Bluepoint Solutions discusses current best practices in teller operations with W. Michael Scott, President/CEO of Financial Management Solutions, Inc. (FMSI. They share tips for verifying your current staffing costs, including detailed analysis, a Teller Management System(TM) case study, and these topics:

  • Trends in teller transaction volume and what they mean to financial institutions
  • Technology innovations that can reduce transaction costs, fraud, and teller overtime
  • Ways to boost teller efficiency and leverage tellers as relationship-builders in the branch
  • Self-service technologies and how they contribute to a shift in how consumers bank