Investing in Teller/Front Counter Capture

An updated look at the true cost of ownership

Teller capture has been adopted by virtually every large - and many smaller - financial institutions in the U.S. Its proven benefits are significant: faster clearing, real-time duplicate and fraud protection, fewer returned checks, better customer service. Each of these translates into measurable dollar savings that positively affect ROI and the basic implementation costs.

Six key features to determine total costs of ownership include:

  1. Transaction Validation
  2. Cross-Channel Duplication Detection
  3. Scanner Support
  4. System Reliability
  5. Portability
  6. Flexibility with Processing Partners

This new white paper from Alogent highlights the same six features against the current environment, with its different consumer preferences and more advanced technology integration. By applying this information to round out both the costs and benefits picture, many community and regional banks and credit unions will find there is a compelling case for giving teller capture a higher priority.