Five Ways Document Imaging Will Help Your Credit Union Face the Future

The way you attract and retain members has changed forever. There's a good chance that your credit union is missing out on much of the value of today's electronic document imaging technology--that you still use paper processes, or technology that is more than five years old, or multiple systems. There's also a good chance that you often wrestle with how to balance technology investments that are aimed at internal productivity goals, with those designed to boost member service levels and appeal compellingly to the upcoming, tech-hungry Millennial generation.

In this white paper, Alogent offers insights and specific guidance showing how advanced document imaging in today's credit union can move you forward on all these goals. It begins with five key strategies for moving into the world of "enterprise content management" or ECM solutions:

  1. Eliminating paper
  2. Consolidating fractured storage
  3. Distributing scanning functions to all points of origin
  4. Shedding manual interventions and integration breakdowns
  5. Creating a truly universal repository for member and internal information

The effects from these changes touch all parts of the institution, and yield significant savings. Productivity is improved, waste and duplication are reduced, and member-facing service is enhanced. In addition, the white paper explores how current ECM technology is perfect for offering mobile, self-service member interactions now, and fully participating in the collaborative benefits of information sharing in the future.

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