Intelligent Loan Origination Solution

In a market flooded with disruptors competing for your account holders, it's time to adopt a digital lending strategy. Cloud-based with mobile-responsive designs, FinanceGenius puts you ahead with simple, intuitive mobile and online tools for borrowers and lenders, integrated directly into your digital banking ecosystem. Automate and expedite every phase of the lending lifecycle and gain instant scalability and flexibility.

Ensure your bank or credit union is accessible for lending at any time of the day or night with a digital LOS. You no longer have to be restricted to conventional banking environments.

eBook: Automated, Digital Lending

Streamline Lending for Consumers who Demand Simplicity and Speed: Mobile, Online, or In-Branch

FinanceGenius is an end-to-end, cloud-based loan origination software (LOS) for banks and credit unions, build by lenders, for lenders. Scalable and proven to automate the consumer lending and onboarding process through auto-decisioning and streamlined workflows, watch as your financial institution gains efficiencies, while increasing application volumes and approvals. 

  • Make it fast and easy to onboard and apply for loans through mobile and online banking channels.
  • Provide lenders with self-configurable tools to launch promotions quickly.
  • Empower bank and credit union employees to become smart lenders in days, not weeks or months.
  • Quick solution deployments with reduced overhead costs.

Download: FinanceGenius Case Study

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Stimulate Loan Growth with Auto-Decisioning

Accelerate loan originations and the underwriting process with your customized business rules for applications, workflows and queues - managed in-house through an admin portal and without additional IT support. Reduce compliance risk by establishing consistent rules and workflows that are specific to your institution. 


Streamlined and Transparent Workflows

Consolidate all channels into a single dashboard and reporting console to provide a centralized view into document and version control, making daily tasks and regulatory audits painless. Increase efficiency and predictability throughout the entire application workflow, and integrate with your existing core banking provider for additional levels of insight and reporting.


User-First Approach to the Loan Application Process

Simplify and automate the loan application process. Inclusive of Alogent's 'user-first' and channel-agnostic approach, users choose how they want to engage - online, mobile, or in-branch - while banks and credit unions benefit from consistency and automation, regardless of how they interact.

Be available for lending 24x7. Make it convenient for your potential borrowers to apply and complete the process, and simple for your lending and underwriting teams to review documentation and provide approvals.

And, with admin tools in-solution for your teams to manage changes directly, there’s no need to enlist third-party IT teams.