Omni Channel Delivery

Why Omni-Channel Experience Is Important

Originally published by | February 20, 2018

Creating an omni-channel experience for members is at the top of credit unions’ to-do list in 2018–or should be–contends one expert, who insists those efforts must create “true” universal service experiences.

“Technology to simply get some mobile services in place are almost universal, but we've seen that a true omni-channel experience needs to be much more than that—and the best technologies can do much more for any financial institution,” said Jason Schwabline, SVP, product management and strategy for Alogent.

On one level, the omni-channel focus for 2018 looks like a continuation of 2017, said Schwabline.

“But what we see is a significant move from the analysis and planning stage to strategic implementation,” he said. “In our experience, it takes a combination of technology adoption, systems integration, and operational changes to fully execute a true omni-channel strategy.” 

Schwabline termed omni-channel service “evolutionary.”

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