Beyond Credit Union branch transactions

University of Hawaii FCU taps Jwaala to Anchor its Omnichannel Efforts

Looking to build an institution-wide omnichannel strategy, University of Hawai`i FCU recently deployed Jwaala’s Ignite online and mobile platform to serve as the cornerstone of this effort.

The highly customizable Ignite platform allows the credit union to offer real-time account alerts, responsive design technology, improved security features, and enhanced transaction search. It provides a seamless and consistent user experience regardless of whether members are visiting a branch, using a desktop computer or using a mobile device to access their accounts.

“We’ve taken a big leap forward and are excited to provide this level of technology to our members,” said Jeanine M. Morse, UHFCU President and CEO. “We analyzed member utilization and researched the latest trends and best practices.” According to Morse, this in-depth analysis, along with member feedback, helped drive all design, architecture, and functionality.

“From our core provider to our ancillary services, we no longer work with old systems.  Everything is state-of-the-art,” added Morse.

“It’s very exciting to work with a forward-thinking credit union like University of Hawai`I,” said Jwaala CEO Andrew Taylor. “We applaud their efforts to move toward an omnichannel member experience, which is only possible with a very flexible, very customizable platform like Ignite.”


Jwaala was acquired by Alogent in November 2017. Click here to read more about the growing Alogent family.