'Secrets' To Improving Efficiency

'Secrets' To Improving Efficiency

Published on CUToday.info on June 9, 2016

By Hal Tilbury

HENDERSON, Nev.—It’s no secret that this year has been all about omni-channel, self-service member options and anywhere-and-everywhere account opening. Where the secret lies, says Hal Tilbury, is in getting the backoffice in order to deliver these member benefits effectively.

“Tech-savvy consumers want these powerhouse features, and credit unions—which are inherently flexible and always have their eyes on member service—want to offer them,” observed the president and CEO of Bluepoint Solutions.

And what that has meant, said Tilbury, is credit unions becoming engaged in a “long-overdue” cleanup of back-office engines that drive all the new offerings.

“That’s a good sign, because credit unions need to prioritize workflow automation and streamline their business processes in order to set the stage for these expanded services and be prepared for all this new growth,” Tilbury said.

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