Older Generations Use Digital Banking Too

Older Generations Use Digital Banking Too

By Bluepoint Solutions

Published on BankThink by American Banker on January 21, 2016

A BankThink post in December that broke down banking habits by age groups was revealing in particular because of the readers who commented on the op-ed. Their message: Don't be persuaded by generational stereotypes. It's not just millennials who crave digital banking services.

The scope of interest in the ease of access offered by digital banking services is much more universal than media reports focused on millennial consumers suggest. Even the oldest members of the baby boom generation have lived with computers most of their adult lives. They're comfortable online and keen to learn to use more technology, making them good targets for mobile-oriented services. What is more, they have deeper relationships with, and probably more long-term loyalty to, their traditional financial institution than younger consumers. They also have more wealth, and most are still earning.

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