Bluepoint Solutions Launches FASTdocs workflow for Automating Credit Union Operations

Bluepoint Solutions Launches FASTdocs workflow for Automating Credit Union Operations

Bluepoint Solutions Launches FASTdocs Workflow for Automating Credit Union Operations

–Workflow automates entire credit union business processes with ease and efficiency–
Henderson, NV – July 25, 2016 – Bluepoint Solutions today, at its Inaugural Annual Client Conference at The M Resort and Casino, introduced FASTdocs Workflow, its versatile new process automation and notification solution.

Workflow replaces tedious manual processes with flexible workflows to support business processes across the full spectrum of departmental and functional applications. Its ease of use means credit unions can create responsive workflows and checklists using the familiar FASTdocs interface and integration. In addition to higher productivity and accuracy rates, Worfklow promotes a quick, measurable ROI, while supporting compliance with regulations and governance standards.

Bluepoint has been on a mission to help credit unions cut paper use and capture the efficiencies of electronic content management for 16 years. Its FASTdocs suite of solutions is based on best practices, leveraging member-centric file structures to systematically capture documents (and information of all kinds) at the point of first presentment, and to eliminate subsequent manual interventions. The launch of the Workflow module is a critical evolutionary leap forward, facilitating a multitude of additional applications using stored information.

  • A few highlighted features of FASTdocs Workflow include:
  • User-friendly, familiar interface that makes it easy for end users to build perfectly tailored workflows
  • Platform specifically designed for the way credit unions do business, taking advantage of their member-centric approach
  • Notification system for expired and about-to-expire documents as an included, ready-to-use feature
  • Full history and audit trail of all business process steps and documents, ensuring every checklist item is complete and compliant

“Innovation drives our product development. We aim to deliver the most valuable, targeted solutions to help our customers achieve their strategic goals,” said Cameron Marks, director of product management for Bluepoint Solutions. “Workflow is designed to go beyond existing best practices and create an infrastructure in which all content remains electronic throughout its lifetime. Workflows are built around complex business processes that access documents when needed with as little manual effort as possible, generating savings and freeing employees to focus on member relationships.”

Dean Olsen, Vice President of IT at Rocky Mountain Credit Union, an early adopter of FASTdocs Workflow, said, “We’ve been using FASTdocs for 3 years to achieve significant improvements in accuracy and productivity in our document management. Adding Workflow was the obvious next step for us, and we are excited to reap the benefits in automation, consistency, and governance.”

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