Are You Budgeting for Document Management in 2016?

Are You Budgeting for Document Management in 2016?

Published on CUES Skybox Blog on September 9, 2015

By Bluepoint Solutions

Five keys to getting your money’s worth.

Have you (finally) decided to invest in upgrading your content and document management practices? Congratulations! Providing excellent member service and appealing to the tech-hungry Millennial generation starts with getting your back office operations under control. You’ve completed the important first step.

Chances are, you’ve begun looking at solutions that might meet your credit union’s needs. And your inbox is already inundated with different vendors touting all the bells and whistles of various technology. How do you know which are the absolute must-have features—the ones that will save your credit union money and resources right now and position you for growth in the future? This is the key question that should guide your search for the best solution for you—and facilitate RFP creation as well.

Replacing a document management system (or enterprise content management system—ECM in today’s terminology) is a significant investment. You can avoid over- or under-buying to support your growth by ensuring that you include these five requirements.

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