Alogent Unveils Unify, a Complete Interactive Capture Platform that Delivers a Consistent User Experience Across All Acquisition Channels

Alogent, an innovator in end-to-end enterprise payment processing, content management and digital banking solutions for financial institutions, today announced the launch of Unify, powered by Capture Once technology, the next generation of interactive capture platforms. Unify is a total web based enterprise solution that builds upon the innovation of Alogent’s Advanced Interactive Capture. By enabling banks and credit unions the ability to customize and tailor the solution to their specific needs, it delivers a consistent user experience regardless of where the image is captured: mobile, online, ATM, at the teller, or any other channel. With only one environment to maintain, financial institutions see reduced infrastructure and maintenance costs, and gain a centralized framework that is easy to manage and configure with a faster time-to-market for new products and services.

“As institutions grapple with the task of digital transformation, the last thing they need is a proliferation of point solutions,” said Bob Meara, Senior Analyst within Celent’s Banking Group. “Instead, digital demands agility in work processes and technology as well as reduced technology debt – the very things Unify is designed to deliver.”

By utilizing a single capture platform, Unify is patent-pending and ensures the consistency of data across all points of input while maintaining a simplified and streamlined customer centric workflow. When coupled with the modern payments processing engine that utilizes Alogent’s Capture Once Technology, the need for batch processing is eliminated, as well as the requirement to exchange files between applications. Enabling all channels the ability to access one database and one reporting dashboard, Unify delivers a clear view into all points of presentment, along with the status’ of the items downstream in a single view. Unify also addresses the unique considerations of international financial institutions, and is scalable to support the needs of the smallest banks and credit unions, as well as the largest Tier 1 banks in North America and abroad.

“Unify is the result of evolving challenges in the payments market and the need to address the diverse requirements of the business units of our partner financial institutions. A missing piece of the journey in the payments landscape was addressing either the point of presentment or the processing engines, and with our Capture Once Technology we have completed that bridge, with both being considered in a single ecosystem that services the needs of present and future payment platforms,” said Jason Schwabline, Alogent’s Chief Strategy Officer. “We blazed trails with our award winning Alogent Interactive Capture platform nearly 3 years ago and now that next step in the journey is underway. Full service and self-service capture will now be under one umbrella in a device agnostic model. We have incorporated the same leading and highly scalable capture technology that Alogent has excelled at for both mobile and branch environments. Not only does Unify streamline the interaction of customers with their bank or credit union, but it catapults the financial institution miles ahead in its digital transformation journey. This is a true game changer.”