The Future of Credit Unions Will be Bright If…

Originally published on CUES Skybox on March 30, 2014

By Theresa Witham

Andrew Tilbury, chief marketing officer at CUES Supplier member Bluepoint Solutions, Vista, Calif.: “Credit unions are back. Loan growth is positive and outstripping share growth. Delinquency rates have dropped substantially. Credit union executives now need to look for new ways to continue the growth trends that they have enjoyed for the past several years. Ask yourself, are your credit union’s internal systems promoting — or inhibiting —  future growth potential? For instance, the overwhelming majority of credit unions still rely on paper as a document storage and management solution when, in fact, this reliance on paper is a drain on productivity that prevents employees from providing better service to credit union members, including selling them new products. Credit unions have cut costs enough; they now need to look at smart technology investments and process improvements that will lay the foundation for the future that will keep the movement going strong.”

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