Case Study: Austin Telco Federal Credit Union’s Successful LOS Audit: Making the Grade with Simplicity, Consistency and Thoroughness

Austin Telco Federal Credit Union has been serving the Texas area since 1941, with 24 locations throughout Austin and surrounding areas, and assets totaling over $2B. In preparation for an audit, Austin Telco needed to ensure their lending platform was operating in accordance with National Credit Union Authority (NCUA) standards for federally insured credit unions (FICU). Since financial institutions are beholden to audits performed by their governing bodies, demonstrating commitment to regulation, security guidelines and compliance is essential. When regulators assess risk areas to measure the tools, processes, and procedures employed, transparency and simplicity are vital to streamline the audit and ensure a speedy completion with positive results.

Read on to hear how FinanceGenius, Alogent’s cloud-based digital loan origination platform, delivered Austin Telco the benefits of streamlined, automated, uniform workflows and a painless audit.