Frequently Asked Questions

Although the Alogent name will be used going forward, Bluepoint Solutions is an equal partner in the merger with the former Alogent. These FAQs explain the selection of the name, the timetable for the transition, and the commitment to Bluepoint’s current credit union and bank customers, technology partners, and the future of all existing solutions.


What is the most recent change announced by Bluepoint Solutions and Alogent Corporation since their merger announcement in the third quarter of 2016?

Bluepoint Solutions and Alogent Corporation have adopted the Alogent name for their combined operations going forward. The Alogent name has been recognized as a leader in the Tier-1 and domestic and the international banking industry for over 20 years. It is a perfect choice as we expand to serve banks and credit unions of all sizes.

Our new, shared mission is to excel at delivering innovative technology solutions that digitize and automate the financial services world. Ensuring successful outcomes for our partners drives all that we do.

How will the change affect existing Alogent and Bluepoint products, customers and partners?

Nothing is being eliminated or taken away—in fact, quite the opposite is true and much will be added.

  • Our combined commitment to serving all financial institutions of all sizes is as strong as ever.
  • All existing product lines are part of our growth strategy and we are continuing to actively develop all solutions and services.
  • All product names will remain the same.
  • Customers and partners will continue to work with their existing account managers and implementation/support contacts, and will be amply notified if they need to update email and web addresses.                             

Will customers of the new company see any benefits from the change?

Yes! Our new company draws on 56 years of combined experience as market leaders for Tier-1 banks, international banks, community banks and about 1,400 credit unions of all sizes. The merger is providing us with new resources to invest in product development and new product categories so we can offer services to the entire industry, and to ramp up innovation and product development for all our current product lines.                             

Has Bluepoint been absorbed under Alogent?

No. Although we are bringing the name forward, the new Alogent is the result of fully integrating two equally-strong financial technology companies. We have woven together our employees and executives, our products and product development, and our complementary strengths.