About Alogent

Our commitment to our credit union partners—and to continuing product development—is stronger than ever.

Meeting member demands drives everything credit unions do, and this means constant innovation, from member services to behind the scenes operations.

Ride the next wave of technology and member service evolution with Alogent.

To prosper in volatile economic and member demographic times requires a reliable and innovative solutions provider like Alogent. But Innovation is nothing unless it fits smoothly into the credit union environment. We understand how credit unions work. Our solutions integrate with and improve on the capabilities of your current core and specialized systems.

Our approach uniquely spans the entire transaction “ecosystem”—from capturing and digitizing transaction data like checks and loan documents, to automating entire transaction workflows, to making information available whenever and wherever it is needed.

Alogent Blue

16+ Years Serving 1,400+ CU Partners

The Bluepoint Solutions legacy is an industry leader. Our product range is comprehensive, our pedigree is long, and our expertise is deeper and more diverse than ever.

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Flexible, Integration-Ready Technology

Alogent solutions can be tightly interfaced with over 34 credit union core systems, over a dozen mobile and online banking platforms, DocuSign®, multiple loan platforms and accounting systems, and other legacy technologies. The result is seamless user experiences and maximum operational efficiency.

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Proven Record of Early and Sustained Innovation

Seeking new and innovative solutions to solve critical operational and competitive challenges for credit unions is baked into our DNA. Bluepoint Solutions was the first to launch a Check21-compliant teller capture in 2005. As Alogent, our product development pace continues to accelerate.

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Our Clients Are Recognized for Excellence

Our credit union clients have won six CU Journal Best Practice Awards in the past six years for using our technology to achieve their goals. Each year, we place numerous clients success stories with the media such as CreditUnions.com, CU Times, CU Management, CU Magazine, CU Tech-Talk and Transaction Directory.

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Alogent credit union partners evolve with us at every step.

Our clients gain access to our diverse expertise and benefit from our consultative approach. Over the many years we've been helping credit unions to get the most out of their technology investments, we've built a deep understanding of what makes credit unions special.

At our annual conference for our user community, we share strategic knowledge up, down and across the lines, finding what works so we can be there with what's needed next.