Alogent Leadership

Team Alogent has vast and varied experience in both technical and executive aspects of financial services, software and solutions, including migrating and supporting our systems and clients. The company's carefully curated team of experts ensures that every product and service is on-target for its intended users.

Jason Schwabline

Chief Strategy Officer

Jason is the leader of product management and company strategy for Alogent. He spends much of his time traveling and evangelizing, and speaks regularly on the future of transformational technologies in financial services and how they impact both our clients and industry overall.

Jason has an extensive background in leading product and strategy organizations in the financial services space. Over the last 18+ years he has worked in all tiers of banking and credit union markets with a specific focus on developing and growing both core and ancillary solutions such as core banking systems, teller platforms, check imaging solutions, and enterprise content management products.