FinanceGenius: An Expanded Commitment to our Customers to Enable a Streamlined and Automated Financial Institution

FinanceGenius: An Expanded Commitment to our Customers to Enable a Streamlined and Automated Financial Institution

We are thrilled to bring FinanceGenius to market under the Alogent umbrella.  The pairing of Alogent and FinanceGenius is one of operational synergy, near-term opportunity, and long-term growth.  FinanceGenius’ product characteristics, combined with Alogent’s best practices, makes this new offering special.  The strong alignment with our core values will enable Alogent to offer a lending solution that accelerates underwriting and improves loan processing efficiency, through a scalable and mobile-ready approach.

Why Alogent Lending? Central to Alogent’s company and product goals is FinanceGenius’ ability to increase automation throughout the entire financial institution.  FinanceGenius demonstrates benefits for all involved in the application and lending process, starting with the consumer.

  • For the consumer: FinanceGenius accomplishes this with a user interface that provides a friendly, intuitive, and speedy consumer-facing experience that requires minimal data input to submit a loan application.
  • For the underwriter: Underwriters are equipped with customizable, automated-decisioning rules and real-time interfaces to borrower information that allow them to reliably increase funding rates and process more loans with greater precision in less time. 
  • For loan product managers: The ease of loan product creation and rules modification enables self-service capabilities that free you from delays caused by complex system configurations when changes are required.

In addition to our near-term goals for FinanceGenius, we have high aspirations for the future of the product.  Quick wins include integrations with Alogent NXT, our digital banking solution, positioning the lending features alongside the rest of the mobile and online banking experience.  Our enterprise content and information management platform (ECM / EIM), FASTdocs, is also a target for integration with FinanceGenius, allowing long-term storage, retention, and access to loan related documents once the loan is approved.

Our roadmap and product growth plans for FinanceGenius don’t stop there.  We’ll continue to add features and integrations that seek to extend credit reliably quickly and securely, while keeping the financial institution in control and through continuous automation.

With a strong alignment to Alogent’s core capabilities, market proven value in increasing loan processing efficiencies, and an innovative approach to adding new features and integrations, we are thrilled to bring FinanceGenius to market as a part of the Alogent Lending Family.  With FinanceGenius we expand our commitment to our customers and aid them in streamlining their operations. For more information, visit: