Grow Accounts with OpenAnyware Digital Account Opening

Digital account opening—especially from mobile devices—is the future for banks that want to attract and retain tech-forward account holders. But industry-wide abandonment rates of 80% reveal a deep dissatisfaction with existing mobile account opening platforms. 



OpenAnyware takes a different approach, using existing information sources and requiring less data input, to reduce the time from start to finish to a scant four minutes or less. Abandoned attempts are cut in half, and since their new accounts can be funded immediately as part of the same seamless process, your customers are instantly engaged. Digital account opening attempts are surging year over year—capture this opportunity by removing the obstacles to mobile account opening with OpenAnyware.

  • Account opening from any leading mobile device, as well as online, in-branch and in-field applications
  • Imports data directly from government-issued identification, mobile phone carriers, and mobile device GPS data
  • Facilitates funding with credit card imaging, so there is no lag time while customers wait for confirmations or transfers
  • Ensures full compliance with regulations using OFAC, AMI, and KYC questions