Introducing the Alogent Platform

Alogent combines our expertise and our robust technology platforms, to tailor solutions to any banking environment and scale, from community to international.

Alogent offers a range of leading-edge check capture and processing solutions based on the Alogent® Enterprise Deposit Automation and ImagePoint check capture and integrated processing suites, plus a growing roster of customer-facing solutions including OpenAnyware omni-channel account opening.

Remote Deposit Capture

Consumers and businesses increasingly demand services outside the branch. Alogent offers integrated remote capture from all points. Including mobile devices, web-based merchant technology and image-enabled ATMs.

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In-Branch Check Capture

Checks are digitized in real time at the teller line, tablet-powered kiosks, interactive teller machines (ITMs), or anywhere in the branch or back-office. Our solutions integrate these streams with remote deposit capture, creating a single payment stream, maximizing both efficiency and accuracy of further processing.

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Check Payment Processing

With Alogent solutions, banks can fully automate Day 1 item processing in-house. Our solutions are completely scalable, and provide extensive feature options for banks from the smallest community to the largest international size.

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Customer-Facing Solutions

To keep banks ahead of consumer and business demands, we offer a constantly-evolving suite of customer-facing solutions. Greater engagement and a consistent customer experience across channels is a proven strategy for account and revenue growth.

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