Advanced Technology for Romancing New Accounts

Like Speed Dating, New Account Opening Requires A Great First Impression And A Quick Sale. 

For 2016, upgrading mobile and omni-channel account opening is one of the best investments a financial institution can make in its own growth. And account growth is one metric that can never be ignored.

Many banks and credit unions offer digital and mobile self-service applications. Most of these merely replicate—and still rely on—manual processes. Faxed paper! Trips to branches! Partial solutions like these generate more abandonments than new accounts, nor do they fully realize productivity gains. More importantly, they are not capturing competitive opportunities. 

Every element of deposit account opening can be automated by using tools that integrate existing systems and trusted providers. What’s new is the ability to put all these elements together to produce benefits to both accountholders and institutions:

  • Fewer abandoned account opening attempts and more new accounts
  • Immediate account holder engagement and satisfaction
  • Elimination of paper and manual processes without compromising compliance
  • Integration tailored to the institution’s existing resources

This new white paper from industry-leader Alogent pulls together research and experiential information about how financial institutions are attracting new growth by offering a streamlined interface coupled with reinvented behind-the scenes automation.