All-Out Innovation for Banks & Credit Unions

About the "New" Alogent


The "new" Alogent combines two successful operations—Bluepoint Solutions and Alogent Corporation—to become the market leader in providing financial institutions with deposit automation, item processing, enterprise content management, and omni-channel account opening solutions.

With a combined 39 years' of experience and over 2,200 clients worldwide, Alogent is now able to serve all financial institutions, from community to global in scope, with the latest software innovations. And our commitment to our current clients, products and services is stronger than ever.

Alogent's partnership-based approach to working through business issues has been recognized by our clients and partners through maintaining long-term relationships as their business needs evolve. A full array of consulting, implementation and ongoing support services is wrapped around every set of solutions we provide.

Our commitment is to deliver innovative technology solutions that digitize and automate the financial services world. Ensuring successful outcomes for our partners drives all that we do.

Solutions for Banks

Alogent Enterprise Deposit Automation

ImagePoint Item Capture & payment Processing

openanyware mobile Account Opening


Solutions for Credit Unions

imagepoint item capture & processing

fastdocs enterprise content & workflow management

openanyware omni-channel member onboarding


Leadership Team